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Industry Professionals Agree...


 Jim Lashley, Veteran Radio Broadcaster/Advisor WCSB... magnificent voice-over work! Your interpretation of copy is excellent.


Jerry Clarke, Veteran Broadcaster/MC for Jerry Lewis Telethon (for over 20 years)... your pronunciation is on the mark.very good use of inflection - obviously well-prepared.


Lou Riggs, Veteran Broadcaster/Sports Announcer West Coast (UCLA)... that you wrote your own sports copy is commendable. Great sports attitude.


Nathan Roberts, Veteran Broadcaster/All News Washington, DC Radio...your transitions were spot-on. Great work - you have a good everyday guy sound. Our clients were very impressed with Jeff's  dedication to the script.


"Hering Voices really went the extra mile for us!"


 "Hering Voices really went the extra mile for us at Bawol Accounting. Our clients have had nothing but praise for the excellent voice over Jeff supplied for our answering service. Many of our clients have already expressed an interest in using Hering Voices. Great job - well done!"


Michael Bawol / CEO & President of Bawol Accounting

Allen Park, MI.

"Jeffs' voice made our video 

  a professional product !"


 "Hering Voices was instrumental in making Walled Lake School's Career Technical Education video a great success!  Our goal was to find a way to inform the community of the many career/technical programs Walled Lake School's has to offer.  Our video is broadcast on our cable station as well as many other venues.  Other educational institutions were so impressed, they are creating their own!  Jeff's voice made our video a professional product and one we are proud to broadcast to any audience."


Jenny Griffith

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

Career Technical Education Coordinator

Work Based Learning Coordinator

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